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While having a credit card can be liberating, being a victim of fraud can definitely up your credit limit, you give wrong classification credit and, when they lose their rights to April rates low. Therefore, when you learn that you are a victim of fraud, you must act quickly and take the following measures:

Contact your credit card company and bank

You should always have the phone number your credit card provider on hand in case of theft or forgery of credit cards. The company can freeze access to instant credit card, reducing their losses, as well as yours. Normally, you only need to make a minimum payment of probability of $ 50 to cover any amount to be deducted police check is required for the crime committed against them. The police report will help in all funding applications made by your bank, insurance company or corporate credit card. May although officials put the loss to a minimum the impact of crime who have not lost anything in May, one must remember that may be affected in the long term.

Close all accounts

It is important to close all accounts that are accessible by credit card (s) and to open new accounts. Always close the account at his own request. Try to avoid saying "theft of credit card" as the reason made with your card.

Contact Credit Bureau

Report the loss of his credit card and ask that your account is marked to prevent access unauthorized. Be sure to contact the fraud department of a company Three credit reports: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian and inform them of their loss. You should also request a credit report periodically to detect any activity on your credit history has been done without his knowledge.

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