credit one bank corporate office

credit one bank corporate office
Chase Bank Corporate Office?

I can not find the information. I have a big problem with my credit card customer service has been unable to resolve, and a supervisor. Do not give me information on how to e-mail or by telephone at headquarters. I said I should write a letter … as what is going to do anything. The people I talked to were very rude and obviously they do not care about its customers whatsoever. Constantly keep charging me a fee exceeding the limit as'm not in the boundaries and say they are weeks when I was a dollar more. I asked three more of a cost of 39.00 a month to over $ 1 limit. How could I get someone who can actually do something for me and treat me like I was stupid. I spoke to 7 people in the last month and I did not receive Paper statements: (

Write investors to Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon or call Most Relations: Investor Relations at JPMorgan Chase & Co. 270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017-2070 212-270-7325 large companies have special research group named executive assistants "to help people who manage to find their way into the executive office. Or, try the Office of Media Relations. They often have a back door into someone who can do something. Global Corporate Contact Media Relations for consumer banking services, call the (312) 732-7007 For credit card, call (302) 282-1100 for analyst research, call (212) 270-4435 Global Relationship joseph.evangelisti Joe Corporate Media Media Relations Jennifer Zuccarelli jennifer.r.zuccarelli @ retail financial services and the U.S. Region Tom Kelly Services thomas.a.kelly @ credit card paul.hartwick Paul Hartwick Stephanie Jacobson @ @ stephanie.jacobson

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